Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What's going on in the country

Hello everyone,
I know it have been a long time since I wrote here, maybe I was busy a little bit, but I know I did nothing but I couldn't find the time to write here. I have only one day off, which is Sunday, I choose Sunday because the streets become really busy on this day, and I choose it because it is the day off of my Fiance too. The people working with me asked me are you Christian because Sunday is your day off ? but no guys I only choose it for these two reasons.

I go out from home at 07:45 am everyday, and I need an houre to arrive to my work, the streets are really busy, all that because of the checkpoints and the security walls. My driver gets angry every day because of the trafic jam, I hate when he starts to nag "Oh my God, this is unbearable, I hate these checkpoints, all this Jam is because of them", he says.

I know that the reasons of this Jam is the security walls and the checkpoints that found in every ten KM, but at the same time we should all be thankfull to have them on the streets, I feel sad for them because they are risking their life for civilians safety, I know not all of them are working hard for the sake of the country, but I'm sure there are good men among them.

The security situation is not stable, sometime it is goot and sometimes it is bad, but these days I think it is moderately good, and sure it is much better than it was during the last summer. The situation in Basra is becoming good, especially after the operation of "Charge of the Knights" to discard the Militiamen there, people now are feeling happy and good, the situation is under the controle of Iraqi forces. I think the Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki is working hard to become stronger in the eyes of Iraqis, he wants to prove him self (Did I say it in the right way?).

I think he needs a chance from all Iraqis, Sunnis and Shiites to work on the situation, to develop the country not to destroy it. I hope all the security operations will achieve its goals and help the civilians to live in peace in Iraq. In the next election I will chose Al-Maliki, Because in my opinion he deserves to have a chance to prove him self, I hope that everything will be just fine after all these security operations that took place in Basra, Sadr city and now in Mosul.

I think this is the first time for me to talk about politics, I'm not changing my blog from daily life posts to politics posts, but I just felt that I want to write about what is going on in my country.

that's all for now
take care guys