Friday, October 17, 2008

Happy Birthday to me

Eid is gone, my three days off too, and I back to work again with a new fresh spirit, I decided to have a new fresh way of thinking, as I know my self, I'm moody, impatient, nervous and I get upset easily, but with this new step, I'm feeling much better, even my health is getting better as it was affecting my digestive system, which bring me headache and indigestion! this took about two years of my life. Having indigestion is a big problem, it turns my face pale, with dark spots under my eveys from time to time and sickness.
Today is my Birthday! I received many sms's, E-cards and phone calls, I'm happy with all my friends who remembered my Birthday. Most of my friends and relatives born on October, me, my fiance, three of my friends, my aunt and her daughter, my ancle, my cousin, and my three cousins from the part of my father. So can you imagine it!
My finace's familly will visit us today to celebrate my Birthday party, how kind it will be, they are so nice.
my mother and sister are going to Syria tomorrow, I want to go with them, but I can't as I'm keeping my breaks for my marriage, I'm planning to take a month!
that's all for now, I will post the pics of the cake tomorrow, so wait for me.