Saturday, November 06, 2010

some sad words from hell

The last few days have been horrible, it started since the last Sunday, it was my day off, my husband was out, he called me saying "check the TV news channels, there is something going on in Karrada, something about hostages in a church!", "what? no way I will check now." I said. I could not believe what was happening, it was like a dream, I was surprisde, we are living in action movie.
Later, I saw on TV that the hostages were released, and the terrorists were killed !! yes sure they were killed by their explosive belts!! killing dozens of innocent people with them.
I think this is the worst thing may happen in any country in this world, blood was covering the walls, ground, ceiling and chairs in the church, the smell of blood makes you feel you were with them, it makes you hear the sound of the crying baby which was killed by one of the terrorist in that day!.
We are tired of living this life, we are feeling strong only by our faith in Allah, he is protecting us, our prayers are taking the evil hands away from us. We are living in horrible situation, in violence, in terror, facing death, blood, bad news everyday since 2003 till this moment. I used to have hope for a better future, but realy after this bloody week my only wish is to be saved from the bombs and killers, I only wish that peace will full this country, the families will no longer loose their beloved ones..we are missing the main human right here, it is like hell.