Friday, March 20, 2009

The same old issue

We were searching for a house more than six month ago, and we are still waiting to find even a small but clean one. I mean by WE, my family, my family in law, my father and his friends, my mother and some neighboors, my finace and all his friends, my friends and their families, and there is nothing to live in.
We found several houses, very samll and expensive, very big and very very expensive, but the last one we found, is the disaster it self.
My friend N. called me two days ago, she was so happy telling me that her father's friend found a hous for rent in the same neighborhood where I live now, a house in the second floor of a nother house, but it will be separated by a stairs, which will be added later, and we will share the same garage!
we spok with the friend of N.'s father, and we met him yesterday, my father, my fiance and me, I was happy, I dreamed all the previous night about the house, I was telling my self that this is it, we found what we need, a house of two rooms, one bathroom and a kitchen. And you can't imagin how deep was my dreams, especially it was not expensive they asked for about 300 dollars per month.
We went yesterday to check the house, I found a small corridor and three doors, one for the bathroom, and the two others are for two rooms, then another door for the roof, I wandered where is the toilet and kitchen? then I was shocked, the kitchen is outside the house, it is in the roof, you can't imagine it, I felt I was living in a egyptian old movie where a poor family living on the roof.
I was sad and very disappointed, but I tried so hard to hid my feelings, because my fiance always tells me that not to build dreams on a fragile thing, or on something you have no idea about. He was right. But I can tell you that all my dreams faded away with that kitchen!.
There is a houses crisis in the country, the problem is, despite the improved security situation, but we still can't live anywhere, there are some areas far away from our parent's houses, and from work, we can't live in some areas that we are not used to, as some neighborhoods seem familiar but other areas seem so strange.
my grandmother always asks me the same old question, you found a house? what will you do?.. no body knows how much this question bothers me! yes it bothers me deadly.
I can do nothing, or WE can't do anything, yes we want to get married, but in the same time we want to do it the way we want, the time we want, we will wait untill we find a nice place for us.. this is my business, it is not others business..

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

just another day

Ok, finaly I found something to talk about!
I wake up at 06:00 am, had my breakfast and got ready for going to work, my Lionking came to pick me up later, but we discovered that the streets are empty, very samll number of cars, and this is realy strange especially we still in the middle of the week! what's going on, he said maybe we went out earlier than every day. but when we reached the main street that leads to my work, O-Oh, it was blocked, we tried to go from another way, it was blocked as well.
the problem is that I don't care if I arrive at 07:00 0r 09:00 but what I care for is that my Lionking should reach his work before 08:00 am .
We trid but in vain. We both live in two different neighborhoods in Rasafa side, our works are in al-Karkh, it is like going to Basra or Mosul not the other side of Baghdad. So we returned back to the first point, which is Rasafa, then we passed through Adhamiyah and reached his work.
We decided to go to his work is better than returning back home because it is closer to my work and it will not take to much time to go.
we face this kind of closing road almost one day per week, we need one hour or sometimes more to go to work, this is ridiculous, can you imagin we are losing two three hours of our day everyday just to go and return from work, aaah, I think we need a small helicopter is better than a car that got stuck in the traffic every ten minits.
going with my fiance to his work is a nice thing, it is like sharing every little thing with your partner, I met his golleagues, the majority were girls, hummmm! but they were nice and the type of girls who talk a lot and like to gossip!
but I had fun, I find his personality in the office and with other people, I saw him working and taking his place in that corner where takes control of every thing, we talked, laughed had hot nescafee made by one of the girls their, I liked to be their. but everthing has an end, I had to call the office and tell them about the closed roads, but they said the roads are opened now and everything is ok.
So, I said goodbye to the girls hopping to meet them again, and my Lionking drove me back to the office.
the reason of closing the roads is the visit of the Iranian former president Rafsenjani, (is that even a name?) to Baghdad, I do not know why he is visiting Iraq now, and why the government is happy with this visit, and why they close the roads for him? ok I know I don't like to speak about politics so I will stop.
From another part, I was thinking about asking you a question. I read in one of the newspapers several weeks ago, a cute article about TV channels and people, the main idea of the article is "what would you do if all the satellite and local channels will stop for one month, and there will be no TV at all? and why?", can you answer my question? as I want to write a report about that for my own, thank you in advance.