Monday, April 21, 2008

I should be aware..

I never thought that the day will come and I make a decision to change my self, I was always acting as they way I want, as I know I'm not doing something wrong, and not hurting anyone, and I'm not thinking that all people are bad, while I'm the only good person in the world, I was always treat people they way I want to be treated, I was always reject the idea that tells me "Be aware, do not treat people spontaneously", but I never take this idea seriously, never pay attention to it, I always was able to talk with anyone no matter what they are or what they do..
but from today, this thing in me will be changed, I will delete the spontaneity in me, I will open my eyes to watch people as they watch me, to examine their actions as they do with me, I will always be ready to pay attention to what they say, in front of me or even behind my back.

Micho is going to change her way of treating strangers, I most not forget that people are different from each ohter, I most put in my mind that they are less who loves me and care about me, and much who are jealous of me and want to talk bad about me.
I know that I treat people in a good way because I don't want them to say "She is arrogant", but from now I will not care and I don't care if they say it or not, I don't care if they will hate me or not..because I know for sure that I'm being beloved by my family, fiance and friends.
I don't like that some one talk badly about someone else in front of me, because I'm sure that they will talk badly on me behind my back.
I will change but not with all people, because I will be the same Micho as everyboy know me, I will be the same Micho with my fiance,familly, friends and people that I know, because they deserve.

See you

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

People are asking too much, right?

Hello Everyone..

It is time to write a new post, right? Yeah I know, I come here every day to write something new but the problem is I have nothing to talk about, I have no new ideas to tell you, but let me search in my head, maybe I will find something to write.

Ok, it is something happened to me before my engagement, and it harasses me too much, I know I'm being a selfish person now for talking like this way, but
Yeah sure they do, I used to chat with my friends, cousins and relatives on yahoo messenger, and call them whenever I can, but I stopped before my engagement because they kept asking me

"What's going on? What are you waiting for? Are you going to invite us in you wedding party? When you will get married? What is your futur husband name? How did you meet him and where? Where will you both live? Did your father meet him? Did you see his family? Hey why he is not coming to ask for your hand? Or did you both breaks up?!!! Why?”

Daaahhhhh, I used to tell them "People, I will tell you all the details in the right time because there is nothing new about my engagement day".
All that made me log in to my yahoo messenger as invisible!!!, hehehe, I stopped calling them, I even did not go to my Grandma's house for that they will not ask me about anything. I was really getting crazy during these previous days. And now the question is
And actually all of them know that I will get married after my sister's coming back home, and then they just ask me
Oh my God, she will come back when she will come back, then they just ask again
Then I just have to explain everything, but actually I want to tell them
I am the devil him self now ^-^.
They kept asking me, till the engagement day, then after that day I become available on my yahoo messenger, I called them all to tell them all the details...and now the question is still when I will get married? Then I say “I’m waiting for my sister, that’s it”.

So did you have questions experience before?