Tuesday, December 29, 2009

May 2010 will be the year of peace

I just woke up today, saying that's it, it is time to post something today. Many things happened in this year, some are bad, and some are good. We started this year with a high spirit, the security situation was settled, people started to go out, to retaurants, many new restaurants opened this year in different areas in Baghdad. Then, we rent a house and prepare it, and got ready to the wedding, my father had a surgery in his back and thanks be to allah that he is good now. Then we got married, it was one of the most important days in my life. and at the end of the year there was my sister engagement.
I learnt many new things in this year, I faced some difficult times, this is right, I couldn't organized my time and energy between work, house and my self. I felt I'm tired for long days, Sad, and have no will to continue, all I needed is to sleep. Time was my only enemy.
But finally, I got used to it, now I feel like I am the queen of my house, everything is arranged and in a good situation.
I have promised my self to do many things in 2009, but to be honest, I didn't achieve many things, so I hope this year will be the year of big and good achievements in my life.
let us all hope that 2010 will be good for all, especially for Iraqis. Let us pray there will be more peace in this world.
In this year, I will try to be stronger, more responsible, to focus, to read books, to cook good meals, to practice more sport...and more stuff. I hope I will do everything I want and I already planned for.
Happy new year to all of you..