Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A bloody day

I was not planning to be absent for all the time ago and come with a post like this, but I couldn't stop my self from writing what I feel. Today was one of the blodiest days in 2009, many people were killed, about 75 persons, more than 300 wounded, who many of them will stay alife?
Baghdad was hitted by six attacks, ID's, bombings, car bombs, it is just a nother crazy day. I was very afraid, this is the first time I feel that I'm alone, and no body here to protect me, I was at work when the explosion took place, the dust were everywhere, I couldn't see well, then I took my mobile and went to the corridor to be away from the windows, it took me back to the war days in 2003. I hope the martyr will rest in peace, many innocent people killed today, I wish they terrorism will be punshied and chopped just like what they did for Iraqis today.