Thursday, September 25, 2008

It is early, but Happy Eid everyone

Three days left for her returning, I'm waiting her since more than two years, I don't know if should I be happy because she have done what she dreamed of and back with a big smile and good achievements, or should I be afraid that she comes back to this bad situation? but all what is important is her, her feeling, if she's happy, I'm happy, but if she's not I won't too.

It is true that the situation here is better than before, but life is still not like what we all want it to be, the big problem in the current time is the security and electricity, but life continues, and we should get used to it.

I'm thinking about my french language that I learnt in college, I feel now I shoule back to my old books to bring it to my mind again, and I should back again to my french songs collection, and add them to my new flash player that I have receieved as gift from my fiance.

French language is the language of love, it is a nice thing to speak in several languages.
Nothing happened since the last time I posted here, I'm going to work, fasting, watching TV and do some other social activities with my fiance.
I'm planning to back to my coloring stuff, papers, brushs and draw again! yes I will back again to draw..
Finaly I will have three days off in the next week, celebrating my sisters back home with all the familiy, and it will be the first and second days of Eid, Oh yeah, I know I will enjoy these days and I will live the spirit of Eid again.

untill then, take care all of you my dear readers, and i wish happy Eid for all the world with all the diffirent religions.

bye for now

Friday, September 05, 2008

Ramadan Karim

Ramadan Karim to everyone, inshallah your fasting and prayer will be accepted from God in this holy month, hoping the situation in Iraq will get better soon, and all the electricity, water, securiy and other thing.
Ramadan started several days ago, we are in the begining of September and the weather still hot, which makes Ramadan doesn't looks like to what we used to.
Fasting is not easy in this very hot summer, thanx God my place work is airconditioned, I don't feel the heat since morning till 04:00 pm. But when I go back home, no, forget it, it is hot despite that we have aircondition unties in each room, but the national electricity comes maybe 4 hours per day.
We had a car accident, my finace and me, on Wedensday while he was driving me to work, a car from the Kurdish guards of the Housing Minister, was driving so fast in a very narrow street, we couldn't manage to go back, or even to change the direction, because of the T walls, or the concret barriers, they also didn't stop, or even change their direction, they hit us, thanx Gad Lionking is alright, me too despite I got a hit on my head with the side window of the car, but I'm ok.
but the white, cute and lovly car is not that ok, the left side of the car dented, and the support or the front fell down.
that is what we got from those bad Kurish guards, and all the guards, escorts and US forces cars in the streets, they drive so fast, they don't care if they run over cars and people in the streets, and this happened many times.

thanx God for every thing