Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The one person i love ...

its the one person i love
that moved away
left me here
until one day,
when will i see him again?
nobody knows
just keep thinking of him
as i put on the shows.
love him, hate him
its all the same
but its the one person
ill never forget,
forgive or reclaim.

Friday, November 18, 2005

I Miss You So Much

My heart can only picture you other than anyone
It’s a hidden place where I have stored you with love
I can see your smile
I can hear your voice

I can feel your touch
I can learn your love
From all those thoughts, you appear beautifully
Our love is so strong and hard to be apart
Although, you are far away from me
And I cannot hold you in my arms
But I hold you inside my heart
There is much more to tell you
But my pen holds me tight with sorrow
Because you are not near to me
I write with tears and say you "I miss you So much"

When I Saw U

From the firstTime I saw you
I always wondered
What it would be likeTo be with you
So I did
One day
When I did
It lasted no time Between us
We broke-up
But now
Were apart
And I still wishThat I couldBe with you
And find my heart Where it has Always been, with you...

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Unchained Melody

Oh my love
My darling
I’ve hungered for your touch
A long lonely time
As time goes by so slowly
And time can do so much
Are you still mine?
I need your love
I need your love
God speed your love
To me
Lonely rivers flow
To the sea
To the sea
To the open arms
Of the sea
Lonely rivers sigh"Wait for me, wait for me"
I’ll be coming home
Wait for me.
Oh my loveMy darling
I’ve hungered for your touch
A long lonely time
And I know that time goes by so slowly
And time can do so much
Are you still mine?
I need your love
I need your love
God speed your loveTo meTo…..Ooooooooooh.

Monday, November 14, 2005

what the hell is going on with you?

what the hell it means??
a friend..he or she is the one who realy care about you..
he or she is the one who listens to you
he is the one who undersatnds you and helps you when you need help
he is the one who will be there for you and stands by you all the time....

to all my friends who realy loves me and realy care about me...i love you so much...and i appreciate what you did for me...

i feel so lucky to have you....but sometimes you just do alot of stupid things....
you know, you hurt me so bad...when you thought that you are right about every thing and you made me the one who is wrong....
hey...listen to me...i will never do it again and you will see...

i mean it this time..i will do every thing i like
and i know for sure i'm not gonna make any mistaks... know yourself...what the hell you think you are???

you are just a any other normal girl ...
shame on you made me feel so sad that day when i went to college and spend all the day with..ALI, ZEENA, NOOR, TEEBA...i had a good time with them...they are cute..and i had a long conversation with NOOR...i can't remeber that we had a good conversation....we always end it with fight....
who do you think you are when you told me that i can't go to college when you are not there??shame on said there's no reason to go to college...there's no lectures..i know there were no lectures, but i just wanted to show you that i can do anything i want with you or with out you...
who do you think you are?? when you make me like a fool with L*...when he came to college and he just wanted to say hi...

but you behaved like a proud childe...i never thought you will do something like waht you did...espacialy when i asked you a question and you pretended that you didn't hear me...
and you saidwhat???
what did you say???
i didn't here you!
but you heared me ...i know that and i'm sure of made me like a fool

i have a lot of friends and you know that , you are not the only one for me...but at the same time...i know you love me and care about me but i don't know what's the hell is going on with you
you have to be more reasonable...
and to act like normal human beings...

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

لقد رحل عني حبك!!

لقد رحل عني حبك فلم يعد حبك يعنيني....
ولم يعد مايفرحك يفرحني ولم يعد مايبكيك يبكيني..
لقد كنت لك عبدا في الهوى فأرجوك اعتقيني....
فلم تعودي انت املي ولن تكوني حلمي ويقيني...
كم أحرقت في محراب حبك أياما وكم أحرقت من سنيني..
لا لاتجرحيني الان ولاتبك فبدموعك لن تخدعيني....
تلك العيون لم أعد أصدقها فلا تمثلي علي دور الحب
كي ترجعيني.............
فلست أنا لعبة بين يديك يوما تحبينني ويوما تتركيني..
كيف هنت عليك وأنت ألأعلم أن حبك قد استعمرني من
أوردتي حتى شراييني..............؟
كيف وأنا الذي أحبك ومن أجل من تبيعيني......؟
هل وجدت من يحبك أكثر مني أتحداك
فلن تجديه من بين الملايين.............
هل وجدت من يحبك أكثر مني ؟ لا وألف لا فأنا الذي
خبأتك في قلبي وأسكنتك في عيني......
لماذا يامن توجتني ملك الهوى لماذا من على
عرش قلبك تنزليني.....................
لماذا رحلت عني وقد أشعلت في ناري وبراكيني...
أحلل لك تعذيبي في الحب ان شئت أن تعذبيني...
وبعد كل ماراه قلبي منك فلازلت احبك فأرجو ياسيدتي
أن تسامحيني...!!!!!

Friday, November 04, 2005

joyeux Eid !!


RAMADANE a fini, aujourd'hui c'est le deuzieme jour d'Eid...
je me suis reveillee a 2 heure dans la journee :D j'ai bien dormi.
je n'a rien faire..j'ai telephonee mes amies...ils vont venir demain chez moi..pour passer quelque puis ils retouner chez elles.

maintenant, j'attends A* pour etre online mais il est disparu jusqu'a ce moment....dommage!!!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Explication !!

j'ai rien de dire
j'ai rien d'ecrire
j'ai des idees, des reves, des but dans la vie et dans la tete
et en plus, ja'i l'amour dans mon coeur
l'amour pour qui??
qui va etre l'amour de ma vie??
je pense toujour a cette question??
mais y pas de repose...y a pas de reopnse

ma vie est fais rien.
je me reveille dane le matin, aller a la faculte, pavarder avec les amis.
passer quelque tempes puis, on reviend chez moi..
faire n'importe quoi..
telephoner n'importe qui..
ou seulement coucher sur le lit
je ne sais pas ce que j'ecris
ma soeur va m'a quitter
elle va en Amerique de quontinuer ses etudes
je vais rester comme toujour chez moi
mais je suis contente pour elle
en meme temps elle me manqueras
au cette decide de faire mon possible d'eter capable de parler le francais
comme les francaise.....qui sais? peut-etre je vais vivre la un jour
je je vais essayer de le on va voir
on va voir beaucoup de chose..!!
on va savoire qui est le bon et qui est le mal!!
je veus etre une personne importante, aimable, adorable, charmant comme toujour
pouvoir d'aider tout mes amis...tous qui m'aiment
je suis prete de le faire.....vous aller voir!!

The Body_Le Corps

Learn how to say the parts of the body in French :

les cheveux = hair

la tete = head

le visage = face

un oeil = eye

les yeux = eyes

le nez = nose

la joue = cheek

la bouche = mouth

la levre = lip

la dent = tooth

une oreille = ear

le cou = neck

la poitrine =chest

un estomac = stomach

le bras = arm

une epaule = shoulder

le coude = elbow

le poignet = wrist

la main = hand

le doigt = finger

un ongle = fingernail

le pouce = thumb

le dos = back

la jambe = leg

le genou = knee

la cheville = ankle

le pied = foot

un orteil = toe

Je me suis cassé la jambe - I broke my leg
(literally, I broke the leg of myself).

Il s'est lavé les cheveux - He washed his hair
(literally, He washed the hair of himself).