Saturday, July 25, 2009

Here comes the Bride

Well well, I really really don't know from where should I start, I know I was absent for a long time, I was busy all those days with the wedding and the new house, thank you Allah for everything, the Henna night was amazing, the wedding was wonderful, I enjoyed every single moment of it.
My wedding holliday started from the 30 of June, I had only two days before the Henna and wedding days, so I couldn't even sleep well as I was very tired of cleaning my new house, you can't imagin how bad it was with all the sand storms that we had. The other day I went with my mother to the beauty Salon to change my hair color and have a new look, then to Palastine street to do some shopping for the new bride, I enjoyed it, especially if you knew that I was covering my nose and mouth with a mask to prevent the sand from entering my mouth! it was a horrible sand storm.
Many relatives came to us, the house was realy full. We prepared for the Henna, I invited my friends, neighbors and others, we fixed the list of the music, the food, sweets, I was happy, hesitated, nervous, I felt that I was a different person, it was a nice feeling, but there was another sad part, I couldn't prevent my self from thinking that this is the last day for me in this house, my parents house, the place that protected me from cold, rain, heat, from everything, the house where I spend the most wonderful days in my life, the house where I grew up, where I learnt how to be strong, educated and a nice person with a big heart, the place where I cried, and laughed in a crazy way, the house where I found love, respect and privacy, I know I will miss all those things and I will never find them in other places, this is my parents house, the place that will always be ready to receive me any time.
The henna day was very nice, we danced, sang, laughed and had fun, my husband and his familly came to us to put the Henna on our hands, we took pictures and spend time together then then went back home.
on the Third of July, I woke up early, I prepared my self, had shower, sat with the family, I had mixed feeling, I wished I was only a kid at that moment, it was very difficult moment to see my father's eyes full of tears telling me "you look so beautifull in this white dress, I still have this trembling feeling each time I see the pictures or even to remember my family's faces. When my husband came with his family and friends to take me.. I could't help it, I cried.
The Zafa was just cool, they sang in a very nice and funny way, I laugh each time I see the video tape.
We had a very nice Honey moon, we spend the most days of it at our new house, we liked it so much, then we went to Kurdistan for five days, we had fun their, we visited Zakho and Duhok, it was one of my best trips. We visited the summer resorts their, water falls, other places.
I don't have internet at home yet, I got back to work and I didn't have the time to take and work on all the picture that I want to post so wait for me :)