Monday, January 24, 2011

Still here

is it life that taking us away from blogging? or are our minds got tired and sick of writing about the same stories again and again? I used to have the spirit of sharing ideas, thoughts, ambitions and hopes for a better future..but really sometimes I feel like I don't have those motivations anymore.
sometimes we feel empty? do you feel the same thing from time to time?
life is too short to spend it like this way but we have no other option.
the situation here in my country is the same, nothing changed since 2003 but everything is getting worse. security, services, electricity, corruption, more useless checkpoints, traffic jams.
Each time I want to write I end up talking about the situation in Iraq, I don't want to be like this.
Tomorrow my friends and I will have a gathering, we all know each other since elementary school, I see some of them from time to time, but others I didn't meet them since years ago. I think we need to make a change and do some thing that makes us happy. I like family gatherings and meetings with friends. it bring back the memories of really good old days.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

2011 Please Be better for Iraqis

I heard the news yesterday about assassinations took place in several areas in Baghdad, killing several people like officers, professors, engineers, It just took me back to 2005, 2006, and 2007. when we used to hear about the killing and assassination all the time, I remember I was going to my college in 2007, passing by the high way, we heard shootings, then the cars stopped, I heard a woman shouting, crying, I tried to see what was going on, someone killed her husband while he was driving the car and she was sitting next to him, I saw him lying his head a side and he was bleeding, just imagine that you start your today with a beginning like this.

Life is getting worse here, we wake up in the dark, go to work, stuck in a heavy traffic jam, then return home, stuck in a heavy traffic jam, wait for the national electricity to come so you can have hot water, and sleep, there is nothing to do, because you can do nothing while it is dark and there is no electricity. We are living in a developed cave, because we have TV, computers, vacuum cleaner, refrigerator, but you can't use them unless you have electricity. Thanks to Allah there are the local generators in each neighborhood that we must pay to have several hours of electricity per day, but still it is not the perfect solution.

I came here today and I know that I will only speak about sufferance, I remembered the old posts I wrote during the previous years, they were only about lack of security, lack of services, killing and sectarianism. I don't thing there will be a day I can speak about happiness in Baghdad. I spent the new year's eve at home with my husband, he was trying to connect to the internet, and I was trying to watch TV, the electricity was cutting and coming all the time, it was playing hide and seek, I managed some how to see how the world celebrating the new year with dancing, happiness and joy, they can have a list of things to do for 2011, but for me I can't, I can't write a list for things to do, for plans for the future because there is no future in Iraq, there is no hope for a better life. In Iraq you live only for the current moment, don't thing about next hour, you don't know what may happen in anytime.
I saw pictures of Baghdad in the new year's eve, it was dark, raining, empty and there was some military here and there.
So I feel like I'm living in a cave, and it is dangerous to go out..All Iraqis are feeling the same, but life can't stop, and only Allah and saving us.
Happy New year