Monday, April 21, 2008

I should be aware..

I never thought that the day will come and I make a decision to change my self, I was always acting as they way I want, as I know I'm not doing something wrong, and not hurting anyone, and I'm not thinking that all people are bad, while I'm the only good person in the world, I was always treat people they way I want to be treated, I was always reject the idea that tells me "Be aware, do not treat people spontaneously", but I never take this idea seriously, never pay attention to it, I always was able to talk with anyone no matter what they are or what they do..
but from today, this thing in me will be changed, I will delete the spontaneity in me, I will open my eyes to watch people as they watch me, to examine their actions as they do with me, I will always be ready to pay attention to what they say, in front of me or even behind my back.

Micho is going to change her way of treating strangers, I most not forget that people are different from each ohter, I most put in my mind that they are less who loves me and care about me, and much who are jealous of me and want to talk bad about me.
I know that I treat people in a good way because I don't want them to say "She is arrogant", but from now I will not care and I don't care if they say it or not, I don't care if they will hate me or not..because I know for sure that I'm being beloved by my family, fiance and friends.
I don't like that some one talk badly about someone else in front of me, because I'm sure that they will talk badly on me behind my back.
I will change but not with all people, because I will be the same Micho as everyboy know me, I will be the same Micho with my fiance,familly, friends and people that I know, because they deserve.

See you


Sandybelle said...

They are nice words..
I received this text message today and i like you to read it, it is iraqi in englsih,
When you are alone, feeling cold, sitting near your window and the sky is full of clouds, i'll come on horseback calling you and saying, " nafoot nafoot".
hehehehe, funny ha?
kisses for aunt..

Morbid Smile said...

What happened??

David said...

I am sorry to hear that someone has hurt your feelings Micho. However, I think it is a good idea to be careful around people that you don't know. Give a new person time to show you that they can be trusted.

I try to treat people the way I want to be treated also. This principle is called The Golden Rule by some people. I think it is a very good rule to live by. I wish that everyone thought so too!

Marshmallow26 said...

Oh Micho you are going through the same thing I went last week...yes and unfortunately you have to change some of your habits just because you deal with bunch of fools!!

Sorry Micho, this is life...

Don't be sad

Can I join the list of the people who love and respect you? ;)

layal said...

اتمني ما تكوني تعرضتي لموقف خلاك تتبعي هذا الاسلوب
الدنيا تجارب
الله معاج

LionKing said...

MICHO in my eyes ... always doing the right and taking the right decision in the suitable time ... I really afraid always on you because you are my ALL... But I’m sure for what are you did ... you still MICHO as you are in my eyes ... Take care

Abbas Hawazin said...

Don't pay attention if somebody criticized you for being spontaneous ; you are a very nice girl, who seems to have found the love of her life and is working and everything is going just fine, why do you have to be bothered of what others think about you? Don't care about them.

Michomeme said...

hehehe, I liked this text message, it is funny, but let us use it in Winter, cuz we'll realy need Nafoot during the cold wether!..
Kisses for you too.

Morbido Habibti:
C'est la vie, right? we must meet these kinds of persons in life, at leats from time to time, we must be aware..Luv Ya.

David I realy like to treat people in a good and a simble way, but I should have known that part of them just does not appreciate this. so I will keep to treat people as I want to be treated but when I see them talk badly about others I will just turn my back and go! it is better because this realy makes me frustrated.

You're right, they are fools! this is life and we are on the first steps of the long road, we'll gonna face lots of these actions and meet many people, the important thing is to be aware. So that we'll be ready to deal with them in a good way. Marsho you're already on the list of the people I love and I definitely you are in the list of those wonderfull people that love me.

الدنيا مثل ما قلتي تجارب، لازم ان نكون منتبهين على الناس الي نتعامل معاهم حتى نتجنب الوقوع في مواقف مالها داعي...هو مجرد حذر ليال، والحمدلله ما مريت بموقف شخصي وية اشخاص من هذا النوع لكن هذا الحذر هو واجب علي ان اتخذه حتى ما اتعامل معاهم.

شو رايك؟

What can I say? you'll always be on the top of the list. I was so very happy with your sweet words and feelings, you'll always be my mirror that makes me see what realy I am!..


Abbas Hawazin:
Thank you for your words Abbas, I know I should not pay attention to them but at least I should be aware so I will not give them the chance to reach me or deal with me because I realy hate those who like to dissemble and talk about others in a bad way.

why you have changed your name? I think you changed a lot of things.

Thank you guys for you nice words and support, I also want to thank you for being her with me...

take care

Marshmallow26 said...

Thank you Micho ^_^

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Yoda said...

hello dear Micho,

There is an arabic say: "walk straight and your enemy shall be confused about you", don't pay attention to them, they are only like a bubble in a cup, as soon as it starts, it's gone.

Life has a very strange way of exposing people, some time they expose their selves by their own actions, we all met before and going to meet a very odd group of people some time, some place, and some how. some of them we shall admire and some we shall dislike.
I want to share a secret with you, such people you mentioned are empty and the are trying to fill themselves with something, even with gossip and talking bad about other people, they are just like the drum, loud voice, huge hollow inside.

As we iraqis say: " Give them the deaf ear" LoL.

Best wishes and regards to you and to LionKing..

Master YoDa

Sandybelle said...

aunt, dear aunt, please i'm looking forward to read a new words from you, my most beautiful aunt.

attawie said...

Dear Micho,
as I always say we need to look again and again at ourselves and see what we can better and what we can change. but it's different with other poeple as we cannot change their behavior which reflects their peronality and menality.
I've always believe we should treat people as we wish to be treated and at the same time treat others according to what they supposed to be to bring up to the surface the best of them. We there's always something to learn :) as simple as that

take care
oh and say what you want to say, I'm sure you'll be lovely Micho we all know. you can't be evil :D don't fool me :)