Tuesday, April 08, 2008

People are asking too much, right?

Hello Everyone..

It is time to write a new post, right? Yeah I know, I come here every day to write something new but the problem is I have nothing to talk about, I have no new ideas to tell you, but let me search in my head, maybe I will find something to write.

Ok, it is something happened to me before my engagement, and it harasses me too much, I know I'm being a selfish person now for talking like this way, but
Yeah sure they do, I used to chat with my friends, cousins and relatives on yahoo messenger, and call them whenever I can, but I stopped before my engagement because they kept asking me

"What's going on? What are you waiting for? Are you going to invite us in you wedding party? When you will get married? What is your futur husband name? How did you meet him and where? Where will you both live? Did your father meet him? Did you see his family? Hey why he is not coming to ask for your hand? Or did you both breaks up?!!! Why?”

Daaahhhhh, I used to tell them "People, I will tell you all the details in the right time because there is nothing new about my engagement day".
All that made me log in to my yahoo messenger as invisible!!!, hehehe, I stopped calling them, I even did not go to my Grandma's house for that they will not ask me about anything. I was really getting crazy during these previous days. And now the question is
And actually all of them know that I will get married after my sister's coming back home, and then they just ask me
Oh my God, she will come back when she will come back, then they just ask again
Then I just have to explain everything, but actually I want to tell them
I am the devil him self now ^-^.
They kept asking me, till the engagement day, then after that day I become available on my yahoo messenger, I called them all to tell them all the details...and now the question is still when I will get married? Then I say “I’m waiting for my sister, that’s it”.

So did you have questions experience before?


آمنة said...

Yes Yes I have one:

Why didn't you get another job? haven't you applied anywhere else? and they didn't reply to you? Are you comfortable here? and How is you boss? How much are you getting PAID? Are you studying, or working? what are you studying? You look so much younger?

Now tell me, how am I supposed to the last comment-question? and the people asking me are not relatives nor friends, that's even worse :/

David said...

Hi Micho, I do not have any annoying questions for you. :)

I am watching your display of drawings. You have a lot of artistic talent!

Btw, thanks for visiting my blog recently and for your very nice comment. :)

Sandybelle said...

hello aunt,
i liked this post so much, hehehe, the ask alot, this isn't fine, sometimes the one needs to stay calm and silent, sometimes the one needs to keep something nice in heart and then let the others be happy for him/her. this is normmal. some people are curious and want to know everything, personal or not, i just say: who am I?
it sounds strange but it works well.
Stay safe dear one, you are the most wonderful aunt. bosa

Morbid Smile said...

Next time when they ask you when is your sister coming home and why she's not staying there, tell them to call me and I will explain! This will make them stop asking since they know how expensive it is to call!! :P
I get similar questions from people here as well, like What are you doing? What are you having for lunch? When will you finish your thesis? Are you going back home? Are you crazy??? Why don't you just stay here? And on and on...
Well sometimes it's just hard to explain everything, especially when you don't want to. But hey maybe it's better than having no one to talk with!

Yoda said...

Hey dear sister, when ever there is some annoying questions, I just enjoy not answering but instead, I put this dead smile on my face, so, after a while they just quit asking.....
HaHa.... who is the devil now??LoL

Best wishes to you and to Mr.Lion


layal said...

مع زواج اختي
ولاحقه علي الاسئله
قبل العرس
متي بتعرسون؟؟
بعد الزواج
متي نجي نبارك لكم؟؟بتسوون حفل استقبال؟؟
في انتظار الحمل الاول
هاااا ما في شي في الطريق؟؟
والثاني يتبعه
هاا مو ناويه تجيبين له اخو او اخت ؟؟

Michomeme said...

Hi Amna, thank you for your nice visit, do not care about these questions, but they realy drive the one crazy..go on girl.

by the way,,do you have a blog or a profile only??

it is a question :/

Michomeme said...

Hi David, oh God i'm not ready for another qustions :)

yeah David, I realy like to paint. did you lik'em? I promise to put all of my paintings someday..I'm so busy these days..

thank you for visit David.

آمنة said...

Hi Micho, I have a blog, you can find it here--> آمنة.

I am from Oman, "I remember you asked me once before in my previous comment, sorry for late reply"

David said...

Yes, I like your paintings very much. :) I will try to tell you my favorite one. There is a guy with a huge chin, then there is a girl sitting on the ground, then there is a girl's face. It is the third picture of the girl's face that I like the best. She looks a bit sad though. Do you remember why you drew her as sad?

Please post more of your paintings when you have the time.

Marshmallow26 said...

hahaha hi Micho, you remind me of my self.

My fiance returned from the States for one reason; our marriage and yet my aunt still asks: what was the reason of his coming back and I'm she sure knows what it is!

Another question: he is sitting beside her and she asks me: what your fiance says about the States? Grrrrrr... Stupid pointless questions!

Hey Micho: when is the big day? haha just kidding


Michomeme said...

Sandybell, how are you girl?
you know what Sandy, I'm one of those who asks too much :)
but I know the suitable time to ask and do not repeat my questions
is that ok?

Morbido, my lovely sister, yeah sure you're right that having some one asks too much is better that having no one to talk with..
I will tell them in the nest time they ask me, that they can call you to answer all their questions about your comming back..
let's see if they will call or not

Hi Yoad, how are you? long time no see! I hope you're doing just fine. this is a good way to not answer a question..i'll try it in the next time..
we are becoming devils


ليــــــــال: مو مقعولة هذه الاسالة لا كلها اسألة شخصية شنو الي يخليهم يتدخلون لهذا الحد...الظاهر مو بس اني الي تعرضت لهذا النوع من الاسألة...الله يعين..
بالمناسبة ليال
اختك مو ناوية تجيبله اخت او اخ ؟

Amna, thank you for the link, I'll visit you soon.
David: in the next post i will try to post some of my paintings..and about the reason why I painted the sad girl, maybe because i was not in a good mood! :)

Marsho..you didn't tell me why your fiance came from the state?
I wanna know if you dont minde

ok marshoo, when will get married?
will you go to the state?
or stay in Iraq?
will he go to the state after you bothe get married?
are you going to answer my questions Marsho?
are you laughing now?

Marshmallow26 said...

You cracked me up Micho with your questions..LOL

BrianFH said...

In English there is an acronym, "MYOB", which stands for Mind Your Own Business! So just smile sweetly and say "MYOB"!