Monday, October 31, 2005

learning french !!!

Greetings - Les Salutations
Learning to greet people is an essential part of learning a new language. Whether you're planning to continue learning French or just learn a few basics in preparation for a trip, these French greetings can help you on your way
Hello bonjour
hi salut
good eveninng bonsoir
how are you? (formal, plural) :
ca va?
comment ca va?
comment allez-vous?
How are you?(familiar, singular)
ca va?
comment ca va?
comment vas-tu?
ca roule?
ca bouge?
fine ca va
i'm doing well ca va bien
not well ca va mal
not bad pas mal
so-so comme ci, comme ca
i'm fine je vais bien
what's new??? quoi de neuf???
nothing is new. Rien de nouveau
Not much. pas grande chose
Good bye Au revoir
bye salut
see you soon a bientot
tout a l'heure
until next time a la prochaine
see you tomorrow a demain
good night bonne nuit
farewell adieu

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