Friday, January 20, 2006


the year 2005..was a crazy year for me, it was full of events...i don't know how can i describe it, but in my way i can say it was amazing...and horrible.
you will ask me how can i say these two words at the same time..i know it sounds crazy..cuz i see that the whole world is crazy..and it makes us crazy too.

je ne sais pas ce que je dire...oh sorry my can't speak french! it means i don't know what to say...and i don't know what the hell i'm doing now!!!! somebody tell me....please!!!!

i have nothing to do right now...i just rememberd the year 2005 and what happend to me...oh God...all i want to say...that i'm so happy cuz i got through another year with my friends whom i have been with for 6 years now..!!! what a wonderfull friendship...
Soso...Lulu..and wassoona..i love you so are the best, i can't imagine my life with out you all. i spent good days with you at school....and we shared a beautiful memories i can't forget all about it. are such a wonderfull girl...beautifull and smart..we have the same way of thinking.
i was so sad yesterday when i called you and you remind me that we were 4 girls but now you think that we will be just and you...cuz the others don't have the same way of thinking and they don't have much time to call us......but don't be afraid my i used to call you, cuz i'm sure we are 4 and we will be together, we made a promise and we said that we want to be the i don't have much time to call any one of don't mean that i forget you my friends but i want you to know that i love you and respect you....forever are so kind and you have a lovely are like and angel...i wish you the best. and i ask God to help you and to pless you, i hope that you will passe this year at college and you will succeed...and you will graduate....after that you must find a job. i can't imagine that you will saty at home untill the man of your dreams will come to you and ask you "will you marry me??"
i know you will say yes, but i'm waiting for this one who will came to you...who will it be??? no one knows......i know you like some one like a super star, cute and gentill, tall and brunette...but one perfect one. are like a box of disordered characters... you have to do something with your heart and mind...i don't know how to describe you girl..sometimes i feel you are strong enough to face the life....another time i feel that you are so weak and you need be beside you..but you don't want to show us your weakness....i don't know why..but i respect this thing in you....i love you and you still wassoona that i will dance in your wedding party!!! if you will marry the man of your you want the truthe...he don't deserve you.....don't care about what i will do your choice...with us or with out's your life. you remember when we used to go to school together...every day...i wish that i can live one of these days again.

i didn't finsh my speach...but in this post i just liked to talk about 2005 and what happend in it....and with whom i spend it.... and i will continue the next post.... i will talk about the friends of college..................

see ya

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