Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I know, it has been a long time since I last posted here, maybe I was busy, or maybe I was not able to express my self, or you can say I have nothing to talk about, nothing new, the weather is really very very hot, and the humidity is so strong, I just want this month to end because the weather will be better on September.
So we are waiting for Ramadhan, it will be in the beginning of the next month inshallah.
I really don't have something to talk about, but in the current time I want to go on a trip, maybe to the north of Iraq, I don't know if I will go or not, I neeeeed to goooo out.
I know it is not the right time to go, I maybe can't take a break from work, and my sister is coming in about two months, then I will be busy with my fiance to find a house and furnish it, and I'm sure this will take a time, because we are both will not buy anything we see, we will take time untill we find the stuff we like :)
I just can't wait to see my sister, I'm missing her soooo much.
Ok, bye for now, I should go I have somthing to do, I'm still at work :)


attawie said...

Hi Michoooooo
I miss your sister too, and you of course :)
say el7amdulillah pleeeeeez. you want to talk about humidity??? come here :D it's killing us.

Take care and good luck in housing and furnishings :)
salam to all

David said...

Hi Micho, I'm glad to see you back again. :) We are having some really mild weather in Indiana right now. That is unusual for this time of year, but I expect it will be very hot again soon. I hope you get some cooler and drier weather soon.

So, you are thinking about going to north Iraq? Up to Kurdistan, or just up to Mosul? Sunshine went to Kurdistan a few months ago. The mountains in her pictures look really beautiful there. She and her family had a really good time. I hope you can have an enjoyable vacation for a while.

I know you will be happy when Morbido comes home. :) Good luck with all your future plans!

Michomeme said...

Attawie, how are you? and how is the weather now? ramadan kareem.

David, you live in Indiana? so you are not very away from where Morbido lives?
The weather is still hot David, this is so difficult with the lack of electricity.
when you say the north, it means Kurdistan, because the situation is Mosul is still not stable.
but I didn't go to the north till now, I was busy with work so I didn't found the chance to go.

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