Thursday, September 25, 2008

It is early, but Happy Eid everyone

Three days left for her returning, I'm waiting her since more than two years, I don't know if should I be happy because she have done what she dreamed of and back with a big smile and good achievements, or should I be afraid that she comes back to this bad situation? but all what is important is her, her feeling, if she's happy, I'm happy, but if she's not I won't too.

It is true that the situation here is better than before, but life is still not like what we all want it to be, the big problem in the current time is the security and electricity, but life continues, and we should get used to it.

I'm thinking about my french language that I learnt in college, I feel now I shoule back to my old books to bring it to my mind again, and I should back again to my french songs collection, and add them to my new flash player that I have receieved as gift from my fiance.

French language is the language of love, it is a nice thing to speak in several languages.
Nothing happened since the last time I posted here, I'm going to work, fasting, watching TV and do some other social activities with my fiance.
I'm planning to back to my coloring stuff, papers, brushs and draw again! yes I will back again to draw..
Finaly I will have three days off in the next week, celebrating my sisters back home with all the familiy, and it will be the first and second days of Eid, Oh yeah, I know I will enjoy these days and I will live the spirit of Eid again.

untill then, take care all of you my dear readers, and i wish happy Eid for all the world with all the diffirent religions.

bye for now


Violet said...

Hi Michomeme,
I'm very glad to leave you a comment to this beautiful post..Happy Eid to you and to all your family and friends..

Abbas Hawazin said...

congratulations for you and your sister. Early Happy Eid too.
Micho can you change the link to my blog on your blog to my new blog (read that sentence slowly), you know i have a new blog mu?

David said...

Hi Micho, have a happy reunion with Morbido! :)

I think its amazing that you know three languages. I know only English. I studied Latin for three years in high school, but I was too old to really learn another language. It is easy for small children to learn new languages though, especially if they are taught more than one language from infancy.

Please make a painting and post a picture here. :)

I hope you and your family have a wonderful Eid.

attawie said...

Happy early Eid Micho :)

I know what you're talking about. I feel the same for Morbido. It's good to be home but yet with such bad situation it's a different story. Morbido, I and the group of 6, had this dream of going abroad to study. Each of us would study a field that different from the others so when we're home we would be the new staff faculty to teach in the department.

Hopefully some day we will be able to make all our dreams come true.

It good that you're thinking of going back to drawing again. it would help you get rid of the tension in work/life. I'll send you about a new technique i learned lately.
Salam to all

Marshmallow26 said...

Hi Micho,

Happy Eid to you and your family...

It has to be a double celebration, I am sure that you all are excited and happy for her return, may God protect her and bring her back to your arms.

Enjo Eid

Sandybelle said...

هلو خاله
يابه مليونين سوري عالتأخير ( خاله مليونين بس مو اكثر)هههههههههههه
كول عام وانت بالف الف و1000000000000000000000000000
خير وانشالله بيبيه, ها, نسيت, انشالله عروسه وبعدين بيبيه, هههههههههههههه
اي وتلبسين نظارات جدتي, لا لا دا اشاقه, عيني انشالله الشباب كوله والصحه والسلامه ويحفظلج الاهل انشالله و يديم عليكم الصحه والسلامه ونعيش سوه بصحه وامان وعافيه
ونفرح ونغني, وتصفكيلي خاله مو؟ ههههههههههه بوسه عيديه, هاملره اني الحأنطي العيديه, ههههههههه

Yoda said...

Happy Eid Micho to you and to LionKing and to your family and all Iraq

Best Wishes


Michomeme said...

hi girl, how are you? I'm also happy to read a comment from you, you are always welcomed, Happy eid and wish you all the best.

Abbas Hawazin
Thank you Abbas, happy Eid to you too. I added your new blog to my blog and remove the old blog.
But why it is Abbas Hawazin?

Thank you David, I was realy happy to see her again, I spent a very nice eid with her.
I will try to post some of my paintings in the next time, but the problem is I'm busy all the time, so wait for me :)

Happy eid, send my regards to all the family. Don't you think you and Morbido made part of your dreams come true? yes you did, even if the security situation is bad but there is improvement, inshallah you'll back all the group of 6 and will teach in the same departement :)

Thank you 7abibti, Happy Eid to you too. This Eid was realy nice, thank you for your sweet words.

شكرا ساندي وان شاء الله كل عام وانتي بالف خير والله يوفقج بدراستج وحياتج وتحققين كل امنياتج
شكرا على مرورج الدائم وبوسة الج، واكيد اصفكلج ههههههه

is that you man? where have you beem all that long time? we want a new post bro, happy eid for you and your familly, and may god protect you and bless you.
keep in touch
and post sooooon

best wishes.

Yoda said...

A new post has come, YoDa is here again, hope u like the new post


Brother Yoda