Friday, January 16, 2009

It is the year of changes

Is it only me or the mojrity of the girls acting like that? no no I can confirm that this is not a good thing, especially for a young girl like me who will get married within this year and will be incharge of a house, I can't decid what is good for me, I can't decid what is fits on me or I just can't say yes yes I want that and I take it as soon as my eyes fall on it.
Is it really that hard to choose the outfits that I should choose without having my mother with me or asking about her opinion?
I adore my mother, and I trust her and trust in her opinion about every little thing, she is not only a mother for me she's my ideal, my star and I want to be just like her in everything, she's strong, self confident, pretty and very elegant !! and this is what I'm talking about.
Since my childhood I depended on my mother in buying clothes, or everything actually, even my make up, and she buys me anything even without my presence. when my friends ask me about what I'm wearing, or from where I bought my makeup I said "Mama brought it to me, I don't know from where exactly", this is a bad sign!
So, I decided, and because I promised that 2009 will be the year of changes I start my way taking the first steps which are dying my hair in to aubergine color, and actully this was my decision with taking my fiance's opinion and the other step is to buy new clothes, I must do it.
Maybe for others, or you my readers it is not a big deal, but I thing it is important for me to decide, it will change me, I will start to realy realy depend on my self in every thing.

I spent three hours in writing this post, I hated everyone in the office today, they asked me alot and they were taking my attention all the time.. now I have only 20 minutes to leave...I'm also waiting your comments..
untill then, be safe, enjoy what you're doing, smille, take a rest and be ready for the next coming day.


Miss Violet said...

Nice post,
Yes micho .it's time to make yourself (self-sustaining). It's very important to respect and take the opinion of your mom coz that is a blessed behavior but just think when you will be a mom how will that affect your life. I can't imagine your fiancé's reaction when you will ask your mother what to buy without taking his opinion ,hhhh. God bless you micho ! it's a great and very important step you are gonna make in your life . And I wish that your mother will stay beside you whenever you need her. and I hope that she will see how her daughter will become even better than her . she is gonna be so proud inshallah:)
Take care !

Touta said...

Yes, all girls act like this micho. but you are clever to start being independent from now. Most carry on depending on their parents for a loong while after. its both good and bad, because they know what's best for you, but you also need to know how to shop on your own. :D
Good luck this year micho, and stay safe.

Marshmallow26 said...

I am too demanding and cry for simple reasons, but I found out that sometimes my tears have that magic touch on dad and my husband >:D

Cheer up Micho

Yoda said...

Girly things :D