Friday, February 06, 2009

a fresh air

Oh what a nice feeling, I was standing outside the office, to breath some fresh air and meet the sun, it is a little bit windy out side, but very nice weather.
I don't know why I didn't write about the elections day, I didn't vote, maybe because I know that my voice will not change the result of the elections, or I just don't care about it, but I was happy that nothing bad happened during the electoral process.
I'm having pain in my tooth, or it is all because my wisdom teeth, it starts to appear and realy affecting my right ear, my lower jaw, even the right side of my neck, I just hate it, it is affecting all my face, even my eyes :), no this is very exaggerated.
Yesterday was the birthday of Eve, one of my best friends, I called her yesterday, and I called other friends, Eve was celebrating her birthday party with her family, I heared her arguming with her mother about how many candles she must put on the cake, her mother wanted to put 25 and she said no I'm 23, she is one year older than me...We don't want to grow.
Another friend callded two days ago, the one who was in her last days of pregnancy, she called me from the US, she gave birth to her baby, I was happy to hear her voice again. Another one called me she got married, and now she's pregnant, but the doctors just discovered that she has weakness in one of her kidneys, and she must remove it after the pregnancy, I'm thinking of her all the time, she is still young, may God help her.


The Iraqi Violet said...

oh, Micho! wisdom tooth , ha! congrats !!:):)
yes, its fate is to be plucked,hhh. I think it's not worthy to suffer from it, but if i look at the bright side.. i would be A WISE, hhhh. God help you to overcome this annoying teeth.:):)

attawie said...

I no longer have a problem with wisdom :D

I extracted the four of them. Get rid of them and get rid of the pain. Oh my! I sound like advertisement.

Glad to hear these good news and Salamat for the weak-kidney-friend.

The Iraqi Violet said...

after reading the updated part I must say: God be with your friends :):)

Touta said...

I have two wisdom teeth coming out on both sides as hurts a lot! :) Hope you get better.
And, I think getting older is one of thie nicest things..growing old is wonderful, especially if you have the people you love with you.
best wishes,

David said...

Hi Micho, I'm glad you are enjoying some nice weather. It is warm here this week too. It has been very cold lately with a lot of snow, so I am glad for the relief from winter. :)

I was glad to hear that the Iraqi elections were peaceful. I hope some good people were elected. You should vote in the next election. You are only one voice, but when your voice is joined by many others, the result can make your community and your country stronger. I have always voted, every election since I turned 18. Often, my candidates did not win, but I always felt it was important for me to stand up and be counted.

Your tooth pain sounds like it might be serious. I hope you can see a dentist before it gets worse. It sounds like you may need to have the wisdom tooth removed. I had to do that too.

I hope your pregnant friend with the weak kidney will be ok! Best wishes to her!

Michomeme said...

Yes Violet, I'm going to be more wise, but I didn't thought I have to pay the price like this way, waaaaaaaaaaa

hello atta how are you? I don't think I need to extract the two wisdom tooth that I have, they are ok, and I have a place for them, but it really hurts when they appearr.

yes girl, we are groing and getting older, this is not a good sign!! as I like to be this age forever..

how are you? I hope you're doing good.
I know that it would be better if I gave my vote in the elections, but my situation at that day also didn't allow me to go and participate, but it was not the main reason that made me not to vote. Let us wait for the next elections. :)

Yoda said...

Hello Dear sister Micho, I hope you are fine, it has been very cold here in Baghdad for ages, I hate winter..... :D

I wish your tooth pain shall be gone soon, every one of us must feel it lol sooner or later...

A long time ago, YoDa had it in the past....

I hope your friend shall be fine, kidney problems are not such a big problem any more, though it must be treated without delay...

I wish her health inshallah

By The way, am prepairing a good post in english... soon

Say Hi to lionking please and tell him that I AM WAITING :)

Old Yoda