Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Random thoughts

Hello everyone..

There is nothing new these days, the summer is hot, the streets still busy. I missing my friends to much because I didn't see them from a long time, because most of us are busy with work or with new events like my friend R. she got engaged, she is a good, lovely and a shy girl, I really wished to be with her in every moment of the engagement party but I couldn't, because I have work and I don't know how is it in the area where she lives.

She always calls me or sends me Sms's when she want to know something, or ask me for advice, she told me one day : "Micho I feel that you're like a mother for all your friends". She really ask me about any thing she want to do before she do it. A friend in need is a friend indeed.

Let me tell you about a book, it is "Cosmic Ordering, how to make your dreams come true", by Jonathan Cainer. I found this book among the books of my sister Morbido, she has a really nice library, all her books are interesting, so as I promised my self to read books in english as much as I can, I started with this book, It is a nice one, it doesn't talks about how we made our dreams come true in a way like a magic, no, it talks about how we satuisfy with the donations of God, and how we know whether what we wish for is really worth to ask for or not.
As I understood from this book, you feel like there is someone talks to you, he is a guardien angel, who makes all your wishes come true, I felt like he is a God, who wants to tell people that he is here for them, anywhere and anytime, and asks us to be open minded! And think a lot before we make a wish, or ask God for something, or even before we do any thing, and I'm sure this is something important.
I didn't finish this book yet, but I wanted to tell you about it, and if any one of you have read this book, would you share your perspective about it!..
I will be absent for the next two weeks for medical reasons, don't worry my friends, Inshallah everything will be ok. So take care and wish me luck, I will wait for your comments.


Marshmallow26 said...

Good Morning micho,

What is wrong? Is every thing OK??

I hope you and all your family members are well...

I haven't read that book but it sounds interesting really, I will try to search the web,hopefully I might get a text copy to read :)

As soon as you finish your medical stuff please let us know how are doing!

Take care


David said...

Hi Micho, I hope your medical problem is nothing serious. I send you my best wishes for good luck!

Congratulations to your friend R. I hope you get to see her soon. I am sure she would appreciate your visiting with her.

I have not heard about the book you mentioned. It sounds a bit similar to "The Secret". Actually, I hope it is much better thought out than "The Secret". I watched the movie about that book, and it was all about magic, it seemed to me. People could ask the universe any sort of selfish wish and the wish would be granted. They even had a giant genie in the movie who granted the wishes! In my opinion, that is not how the universe works. In my way of thinking, good things come to those who are good to others. So, being unselfish is part of the road to happiness in my opinion. I hope my words are not discouraging to you in any way. If this book has real meaning to you, and if it makes your life better in some way, then I am glad for you. :)

Please let us know you are ok as soon as you can. Take care.

Sandybelle said...

Hello khala,
I'm glad to hear from you again.

The book sounds cool , do you know what? I feel of the guardian angel many times, and this is why I could ctay alive challenging the miserable circumstances. yes, cool!!, but i really need to read it.
I have finished reading a book of Ali Alwardi , it is about Iraqi society nature. this book is great khala, walla, it helped me alot to understand the present events, they are too much related with the past.

Ok, i hope your health is good, and i hope you'll be happy always.

Morbid Smile said...

Hi everyone, just stopping here for a bit to say that Micho is fine. Her surgery went very well (she'd write about it if she wants to, but I won't say a thing!)
It's funny to give an update when I'm thousands of miles away :( but what to do! Anyway, there is no interent connection at home as well, so I don't think she will be posting anything until she goes back to work sometime next week.
And now I'm off to my books!

Marshmallow26 said...

Oh I hope she is doing fine...Please update!!

David said...

Thanks Morbido, I'm glad to hear that Micho is doing well. :)

attawie said...

ان شاء الله خير.. شكرا موربيدو
رييحتي بالي
ان شاء الله بالسلامه ميشو

Michomeme said...


Good morning to you darling, how are you? and how is your familly and fiance? I hope all of you are doing well.
Thank you for asking Marsho, I'm fine now and the operation went well.
The book was realy good, it is about the guardian angel that we already have inside of us! and how we deal with it in the suitable time
Thank you Marsho..

Michomeme said...

Hello David, Thank you for asking and wishes, and do not worry thanx God everything went well with it.

thank you about my friend R, you know what David, I couldn't go to her engagement party all because the situation, it is true it became better than before but we still can't go anywhere we want, let us hope that I will be able to go to her wedding party.

I have not read that book David, "The secret", but in "Cosmic ordering" tells you like there is a guardian angel inside everyone of us, that could help us deal with everything we want, and make our wishes come true, but at the end of the book, you realize that the guardian angel is you, because we really have a child and a wise man inside each one of us. So we should learn when to be a child and when to be wise in the suitable time..that't what I've got from this book..and I like what you said, the book I read also talks about this issue.

Michomeme said...

Hello Sandy, How are you doing girl? how is the holiday with you?
it is realy a nice book with simpl ideas, I liked it, and about your guardian angel, you feel of it because you are a good and a nice girl, I'm sure about it.
I will try to find the book of Ali al-Wardi Sandy, it sounds cool too, reading books is really something usefull.
Thanx for your wishes, I hope you'll always be happy to
take care and thank you for asking

Michomeme said...

Hi Morbido, my lovely sister, how are you? it is realy funny to update here while your thousands of miles away, but you know what? what is in the heart stay in the heart no matter what the distance is!!
there is still not internet connection at home :(
love you sis.

Michomeme said...

أتاوي..شكرا حبيبتي والله يسلمج..

Thank you guys for asking, don't worry I'm fine now and back to work

take care all of you

David said...

Its good to hear that you are ok Micho. :) Good luck toward being able to attend R's wedding.

The idea that we all have a child and a wise man/woman inside us is interesting. In psychology, there is the idea of the "inner child". Many problems that people experience as adults have roots in childhood. For example, if other children are mean to a child, that child may have difficulty with relationships as an adult. So much of what we are is formed by childhood experience.

The inner wise man/woman might just be another word for "common sense". Common sense is the wisdom that we accumulate as we experience life. We learn what works and what does not. We learn what hurts us and what brings us joy. From all these learning experiences, we form patterns of behavior that help us to be successful and to find happiness.