Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Thank you Allah for everything

I know I promised you to add pictures of my new house but I didn't have the time to took it from the camera, I just took them two days ago, I'll put them, believe me, as soon as possible. My dear readers you have to excuse me for this delay, believe me I was, I mean my family were passing through a hard time, it just came with the time of my wedding so I delayed it for no further notice! yes, maybe this week or I don't know when. Today we were supposed to celebrate the Hinna night (A day before the wedding day).
It was all about my father, suddenly he felt hard pain in his back and leg, he was not able to walk or even to sit on a chair, this happened about two weeks ago, we thought that he only needs a rest and to sleep on his back as much as possible but the situation was getting worse. I couldn't see my father suffering from this killing pain, the doctors said he needs to do some medical tests and x-ray, they found he has Slipped disc so he needs to have a surgery! what? a surgery? this was the hardest part for me, for all of us, because I know that my father is not that young and he has diabetes and blood pressure, that's why I was afraid, but the doctors told us that everything will be ok, and they will do the surgery by using (Telescope), I'm not sure if this is the right word, the most important thing that he will have a very small open cut which very good for his diabetes.
The surgery took place yesterday, my father is in a good condition now, he spent the night in the hospital with my mother, uncle and other relatives and friends.
He called me early in the morning to wake me up, we used to wake up at the same time and have breakfast together, I missed having breakfast with him, I missed to see him walking or even coming to pick me up from work. Thanks God he is good now, he needs to spend two nights at the hospital for more checking.
So that's why I couldn't post any pics :)


Khalid from said...

Dear Micho,

I pray that ALLAH grants your father I wish him the fastest possible recovery and and the Best of Health! Insha ALLAH I will pray for his better health everyday.

I look forward to hearing some good news from you soon.

Michomeme said...

Thank you my brother Khalid for you sweets words, you are always supporting us and asking about almost all the Iraqi bloggers.
I will post as soon as possible, inshallah I will have good news next post.

Touta said...


I hope your father gets well soon, and that you have a wonderful wedding, with all the people you love.
Congratulations on the house, and take care.

Enjoy your summer micho, :)

my love and best wishes.

moonlight said...

Inshallah your father wll regain his health and be well again. And when it's time for your wedding I hope it will be excellent.

Best wishes and prayers

attawie said...

Dear Micho,

sorry to hear that. I wish i was there to be with all of you. 7amdillah 3ala salamat 3ammo and inshaAllah he'll recover and become better than ever.

Don't worry dear,
inshaAllah everything will be more than just fine with and your family and loved ones. Miss you all

will wait for your good news and beautiful photos :)

Marshmallow26 said...


Thanks to God that your dad is doing well after the surgery...don't worry, he will be walking and dancing on your wedding day.

Things happen and I can't wait to see your house's pictures :)

Violet said...

i'm so sorry for being late here :(
I hope your dad is gonna get better the very sooooon
Micho.... please don't worry and leave every thing to Allah :)

your little sis

David said...

I'm sorry to hear of your father's back pain Micho. I'm glad to hear that his surgery went well. My best wishes for his recovery.

I believe that the type of small incision surgery with a telescope-like instrument you refer to is called arthroscopic surgery. I'm glad to hear that this technique was available for your father's procedure.

This link gives some information on the technique for anyone interested:

I will look forward to your pictures and news of your wedding. :)

Yoda said...

Dear Micho,

I just read this post, Inshallah your father will be better soon, sure it's a hard time, but faith and courage helps us to walk through rough paths, and of course, Knowing that Allah wont let us down, Allah is the merciful.

Wishing your father to be very well soonest.

Inshallah the wedding shall be as you and LionKing have always dreamed of, wish you both all the best in the world.


attawie said...


Sandybelle said...

Hello dear khala,
I miss you os much, really..

I dont know where i should start from.
I'm so happy for you could find a suitable house..

Secondly, i cant hide my tears while im reading your post, ok, aunty, dont worry, im sure he will get better soon, im praying for this , from all of my heart.
aunty, please , send your dad my great hellos and salamat, tell him that every morning the rays spread peace into the horizon, so , he does never worry, he should trust himself and trust god, god really knows of him and soon he will make him be fine again..
with all my love..

Sandybelle said...

I really miss you khala, i really hope everything is ok. ya rab!!!!!!!!!

Babylonian Princess said...

Your blog touched my heart!
Congrats and may Allah grant you with righteous children, Amen!!!!