Friday, October 07, 2005

a painting

hi again....
it's been long since i last posted here, and today i want to write about my artistic skills.
i've been drawing since i was a kid. and i always had drawing tools with me all time..MOM and DAD encouraged me to continue drawing..
and i desided to study drawig and painting at college of Fine Arts but then i changed my mind.
i took the main idea of this painting from a simple drawing in a poetry book.

and when i finished it i tried to find an exact analsys...but i couldn't!!
then i gave it a simple description, that it represents courage, beauty, completness..
and the arabic treasuer.
then one of my friends gave me a nice analsys :
the horse represents a beautiful girl that has prid, dignity and power, but she is sensitive and fragile in realty. and the armer is to hide her tears and weakness, and to show others that she can do anything on her own.
i liked the philosophy in this analsys
that's it for now

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