Monday, October 16, 2006


I have no wards to say
i have no new post to write
but i have something for me to say:
yes, it's my birthday
yeeeeby !!!
so, it's time to make a wish
i wish.....
i won't tell you
this is from my father...
liked it sooo much


Marshmallow26 said...

Happy Birthday Michooo,

I hope all your wishes come true, and hope you can see your sister as soon as you can...

And hope that you leave every issue you have in God hands...

So how old are you now?


LionKing said...

Happy birthday to the most wonderful person in the earth happy birthday to the nice person that I meet on the net, I meet on the net his personality, her ideas her sight her inner feelings … etc Wow how is great and distinctive person that I meet!! All these features collecting one by on and make an encyclopedia inside a person which is call MICHO.
In this occasion I hope all the best, all the nice and all the happiness in your life, I wish to you a life Full of successful and happiness in all the days of your life, the words in my mind on the highest point of feeling and hope towards to, in me heart and in my mind seas and ocean of feelings and words but I'll satisfy oneself with theses words here …
With all pride I say "Happy Birthday to you MICHO"

ahmEd_H said...

this is the 1st time i come here but i wanna wish you all the best in your life

Have a Nice birthday ^_^

Treasure of Baghdad said...

Bon Anniverssaire :P

I hope the spelling is correct. I haven't written in French for a while.

Anyways! Haaaaaaapy Birthday Micho. I hope all your days become successfull. I pray for a bright future for you and your life...


Morbid Smile said...


I came to write you a comment and wish you a happy birthday then I saw this post. Did you get my offlines and my e-card?

Your gift is here, just waiting till it's better there to send it over ;)

Have a good day today, and imagine that I'm there with you celebrating the big day.

Marshmallow26 said...


Shalis is my favorite purfume...My sister and I love it so your dad has a good taste thought


Morbid Smile said...

So, now how can I smell it?? :P

And, just before you say... I'm writing you a birthday post! ;) I didn't forget it but you have to wait a bit cuz I'm freaking busy with the study, I have to finish two books and write a paper before tomorrow!!!

aNarki-13 said...

sorry for being late!

كل عام وانت بخير, أختي ميشو, وأن شاء الله تتحقق الأماني اللي مقبلتي تكوليها!

looks nice, that perfume..
i have no other words, all is said, all is done, no cake left for me :(


seriously, may every step you take forward carry with it success, happiness, and more success! :D

hmhmhm.. Sit Heeho: where are you? no postings.. hurrrm...

one last thing:
يوميات أرنوب
شفتة البارحة واليوم ساعة 18:30 تقريبا بتوقيت عمان...

take care of yourself, salam to all.

Konfused Kid said...

c'est un tres maqnifique cadeaux, je veux tu est content avec (lui?)

Bon anniversaire. J'ai faim.

هاي اخير وحدة هيج عالواهس

Micho la jolie fille, felicitations! et je veux voulez est vous avez un e-mail?

Michomeme said...

Marshmallow26: thank you my dear you are sooo cute..and by the way, now u have 21 years old
and i realy liked the perfume

lionking: what can i say to you? i like your words so much, thank you for being here..for every thing.

ahmEd_[H]: you are welcom here and thank you for your words.

Treasure of Baghdad: merci beaucoup, c'est bien ca, the spelling is "vrais" i mean correct :). thank you for your lovely wishes.

morbido: thank you soso. i got you offlines and your e-card and you sms, but i didnt see the post till now :) thanx my lovely only sis. i love and i miss you...but how can you smell the perfume? and what is my gift? you were always bting gifts to me....take a pic to your TEDDY BEAR that i gave you and put it in you blog :)...thats one of my gifts to you

anarki-13:اناركي، الكيك على المرة الجاية خليته :)
thanx for comming here always..
just all say to morbido...."write a new post" PLZ

konfuse kid: oui, je suis contente de ce me fait trop contente, merci pour tes mots,

si tu as faim, va manger quelque chose :)

اذا جنت جوعان روح اكل...هعهعهع...بس زين انت تتذكر الفرنسي...


اكوللكم..لاحظت بيوم الي اكتب عربي الكل يكتب عربي وبيوم الي اكتب انكلوزو الكل يكتب انكلوزو...شنو انتوا...شكرا على كلامكم وامنياتكم الحلوة...:)


layal said...

كل عام وانتي بخير يا ميشو الغاليه
وين الكيك
الله يحقق لك كل اللي تتمنيه
يارب قولي امين